Marvel Universe Carded Beta Ray Bill


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From the smoldering wreckage of his home world, BETA-RAY BILL was cast off ? a survivor chosen to find a new planet for his fellow Korbinites. He soon encountered THOR and after a brief but honorable skirmish, emerged victorious. So impressed was ODIN that he rewarded the Korbinite with the battle hammer known as Stormbreaker. With this mighty weapon of virtue, BETA-RAY BILL became a true threat to the galaxy?s darkest evils! Bring a truly virtuous hero into your evil-fighting adventures with this incredible BETA-RAY BILL figure! He?s detailed to look just like the hero who fights at THOR?s side, and he?s ready to take on whatever you throw at him! Get a collectible comic shot along with your BETA-RAY BILL figure. He?s one tough hero, so send him into battle after battle! Figure comes with collectible comic shot.


  • Packaging: Original, Sealed
  • Condition: C8/C8+
  • Manufacturer: Hasbro Toys
  • Scale: 3.75 Inch
  • Year: 2012

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Weight450 g
Dimensions26 × 22 × 12.5 cm